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FTMS builds bridges between teens, parents and its travel & leisure clients since it understands the compelling reasons that motivate each group to choose – or not to choose -- a certain travel & leisure destination or attraction. With this knowledge in mind, FTMS has created services in order to facilitate connecting all groups.


The end result is:

  • Increased teen and parental traffic to your website
  • More engaging information and activities for teens on your website and at your destination
  • Ultimately, a difference in your bottom line due to an increase in visitations to your destination or travel & leisure attraction by families with teens



“I was feeling the typical disconnect that most parents feel between themselves and their teenager. As a single parent, my daughter was angry at me and I was wondering if we’d ever feel close again. Then my daughter got assigned a history paper on the Salem Witch Trials. She marched into my room one night and said, ‘I want to go to Salem with you over February vacation to research the paper.’


I was about to reply, ‘Sorry, that's not in our budget right now’ but then realized, ‘Wow, she actually wants to spend time with me! I’m going to move heaven and earth to make this happen.’


Solution? Luisa (founder of FTMS and known to parents as The Teen Travel Whisperer) gave her daughter “ownership” of planning the trip so that she’d feel that her voice was being heard, which is what teens crave. Her daughter researched the trip via a family-friendly website for their destination, found affordable lodging on line, planned their itinerary and easily sold her mother on the trip based on her on-line research. They came back from the trip feeling closer than they had for quite a while.


“Our trip brought us together so we could forget our issues and re-connect through shared experiential learning and fun activities.” 
- Luisa, parent of 15-year-old & founder of FTMS


“Most of the time, my mom plans trips that are centered around what adults would want to do, as opposed to my what my teenage brother and I want to do. The adults prefer relaxing and seeing, while my brother and I prefer doing. My mom enjoys visiting boring gardens, forts, and churches while I prefer swimming and other water sports, skiing, and even zip lining.” 


“I'm more open to suggestions of my traveling friends than the suggestions of my mom because for the most part, my friends have the same interests as I. If they think something was exciting and fun, chances are I will, too.”
- Callie and Nick, 16 and 13 years old 


Solution?  FTMS can build a bridge so that its Teen Travel Team becomes familiar with and recommends your travel & leisure destination or attraction to their peers via its blog, We can also increase teen and parental traffic to your website by featuring your destination or travel & leisure product as Teen Travel Partner of the Week on Visit us on Facebook,


“We had an expensive family trip planned but then our teenager said, ‘No way am I going on that trip that you guys planned! They’re always lame!’


We really wanted to go on it -- as did our younger children – but we ended up canceling the trip because we didn’t want to spend all that money on a trip that our teen had a pre-conceived, negative notion about.


We just don’t know anymore what our teen likes when it comes to traveling with us.”
- Paulette, mother of three


Solution?  The Teen Travel Whisperer (FMTS founder Luisa Frey, is positioned as The Teen Travel Whisperer among parents) builds bridges by directing parents to your website via’s parental message board and other social networking venues. Once they arrive at your website, the Teen Travel Whisperer can educate parents about the types of activities that your travel destination or attraction offers which interest teenagers. This can be accomplished via webinars, CD’s and podcasts.


Never again will you experience a missed opportunity when it comes to families traveling with teens.




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