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As founder of Family Travel Marketing Services, LLC, Luisa Frey seamlessly integrates her teen and family travel influence and expertise with her business experience developing marketing and promotional campaigns for the travel industry.


For the past 15 years, Luisa has written hundreds of family travel articles for dozens of print and online outlets. Some of these include:


These articles have been based on over 30 cruises with her two children in tow as well as dozens of family land trips. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.


Luisa has the ears of traveling parents and thus knows what they are looking for when they plan a family trip. Since the year 2000, she has been CruiseMates.com (www.cruisemates.com/articles/family) Family Cruise Editor and has moderated the site’s family cruise message boards. She has also hosted live family travel chats for USA TODAY.com (www.usatoday.com/mchat/20030604004/tscript.htm) and Budgettravelonline.com (www.budgettravel.com/bt-dyn/content/article/2007/02/13/AR2007021300797.html ).


As a family travel expert, Luisa is interviewed regularly by Travel Planners Radio Show.


Use the player on the right to listen to her interviews.



In addition, Luisa Frey is a family travel advisor for Parentalwisdom.com (click here), “because kids’ don’t come with manuals” ®

She has been interviewed in Redbook (click here) and Cleveland Plain Dealer
(click here) daily newspaper on the basis of her family travel expertise.


Luisa Frey has direct insights into the world of teen travel. Her daughter, Alexandra Gaynor, has been the Teen Cruise Editor for the past three years for CruiseMates.com (www.cruisemates.com/articles/teen) and oversees the active teen message board for the site.


Over the past 25 years, Ms. Frey has developed travel marketing and promotional initiatives for travel companies ranging from writing press releases, newsletters, advertorials, and direct mail letters to organizing press trips. Some of her clients have included: American Express Travel (click here), Marriott Vacation Club (click here), Guadeloupe Cruise Commission, and Ivaran Lines (cruise and shipping company).    


For the past decade, Luisa has been passionately involved in improving the academic climate of her town through interactive learning programs for children and early teens. Her keen awareness of what teens and children need (hands-on, edutaining stimuli) and what they want (their voice to be heard) is what has made these programs so successful.


Luisa’s passion for integrating teens and children into the family travel process is key to the founding principles of Family Travel Marketing Services, LLC.     




The teen market is a specialty within our vast family travel experience. (www.momlogic.com/2008/07/no_attitude_teen_trips.php) Family Travel Marketing Services, LLC knows that if a teen shows interest in a family travel destination, parents are eager to accommodate this hard-to-please market segment in order to have an opportunity to bond with them through shared travel experiences. Conversely, if a teenager has pre-conceived notions that a family trip is going to be “lame,” parents will have a hard sell. Since teens spend more time on line than any other age group, they are the perfect audience for web based marketing. 

FTMS’ Teen Travel Team includes a dozen well-traveled teenagers who are involved with travel social networking and are influential in facilitating authentic teen travel dialogue. They are the bloggers behind www.teentraveltalk.com and they moderate the teen and parental travel message boards on www.teentraveltalk.com.


FTMS also has insights in the world of teen travel since team member Alexandra Gaynor has been the Teen Cruise Editor for the past three years for CruiseMates.com (www.cruisemates.com/articles/teen). In addition to overseeing the active teen message board for the site, Alexandra has been on over 30 cruises and writes articles based on these experiences for teens on CruiseMates.com.


Our web and online marketing professionals have created compelling, successful websites and related communication tools for diverse clients and audiences. This team has developed engaging web-based experiences that are integrated with a business or brand’s overall efforts to inform, educate, market, and sell.


FTMS’ web team helps clients anticipate and meet the needs of target audiences – namely, families – as well as measure success, stay fresh, evolve over time, enhance clients’ brands, and achieve business goals of selling more to the family market.


Some representative clients and projects include: American Academy of Pediatrics, Sears, Educational Testing Service, and Windhover Information.


Web services include creative strategy, project management, information architecture, usability and concept testing, writing and editing, content development, art direction and graphic design, photo editing, website production and development, and search engine optimization.




FTMS’s team is complemented by:


Dr. Jack Samuels


Dr. Jack Samuels. (Ed.D. Commercial Recreation & Tourism; M.Ed. Commercial Recreation & Student Development; M.B. A. Marketing; B.S. Recreation Administration)


Dr. Samuels has authored dozens of market research reports on a host of travel & leisure topics including amusement parks and attractions, tourism development, and general marketing and feasibility studies. He is in direct contact with older teens and young adults as the coordinator for the Leisure Industries & Tourism program in Montclair State University’s School of Business, Department of Marketing. He has conducted many focus groups and his connection with older teens and young adults from Montclair State University facilitates FTMS’ market research services.


Dr. Samuels is currently a monthly invited columnist in Park World, (http://www.parkworld-online.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/995/Expo_Zaragoza.html) an amusement park and attractions industry publication. His monthly column, “The Fun Doctor” has been published in over 75 issues of the magazine. Dr. Samuels has been a speaker at FUNEXPO and is active in International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.


Additionally, he is one of the two longest tenured professors in the Walt Disney World College Program and he started a program at Montclair State University, NJ in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company to bring students from China to the United States to learn tourism hands-on at Walt Disney World.


In addition, he has consulted with hotel brands, family entertainment centers, travel & tourism councils, rental car agencies, ski resorts, and other travel & leisure attractions.


Linda Zitelli, MBA


Linda Zitelli is an international marketing consultant. As a senior consultant and research director, she developed and marketed custom consumer and B2B research studies for an international management consulting firm. She has consulted with individuals and executives from major companies such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard and JP Morgan Chase. Ms. Zitelli is also an adjunct professor of marketing at Berkeley College of Business in New Jersey. She is an expert in immersion research and she is also a certified marketing coach.

Steve Novello


Steve Novello has worn many different hats during his 15 years in the cruise industry. Most recently, as Senior Director of Business Development for the successful publically traded Online Vacation Center, Steve developed, marketed and oversaw various themed cruise products, including music cruises, enrichment/educational sailings, and contract bridge cruises for various cruise lines.

He has a proven track record of generating and raising revenue and controlling costs for reputable cruise lines. On the cruise line side, Steve has had mid-level roles in Finance, Risk Management, and Human Resources for the small ship Renaissance Cruise brand, as well as Senior Level National and International Sales and Marketing Roles for Renaissance and Oceania Cruises.


In his vendor to the cruise industry roles, Steve was first the V.P. of Sales for Allin’s SeaVision, which introduced the first interactive television system at sea. In his first year, he raised onboard revenue by 45% in one year via SeaVision’s pay-per-view movies, gaming and online shopping programs.


Later, as a consultant for Hospitality Brands, Steve assisted in introducing wine programs on Carnival Cruise Line (Presidential Wine Club) and Celebrity Cruises (Riedel Crystal’s Wine Tasting Program), as well as a successful online shopping module for Holland America.


Aside from his diverse experience in the travel industry, Steve holds his advanced degree from Fordham University and has held sales and marketing positions at teen ancillary marketing partners such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola companies.




What Travel Industry Leaders Say About Luisa Frey’s Expertise:


“Anytime I have a question about family travel I go to Luisa Frey first and I am never disappointed. Her information is thoroughly researched and highly detail-oriented, which is crucial in family planning. Luisa is not fooled by glossy press materials or posed panoramic pictures sent out by family travel destinations. When she recommends a family vacation it is because she has been to the location personally, with her kids and teens in tow, and given it the Frey family stress test.


On a working basis, she is responsive and timely in her information and in 10 years of reporting for CruiseMates she has never missed a deadline. You can't any more timely, accurate and unbiased information for your family travel planning than Luisa Frey.” -Paul Motter, CruiseMates Editor, www.CruiseMates.com


“When it comes to family travel, Luisa Frey really knows her stuff! Her reviews and information are concise, informative, and helpful to busy parents. I really appreciate her insight and insider tips and information. Her columns are a big hit with our readers.” -Julie Taylor, MomLogic.com (Warner Bros.), Senior Editorial Producer


What Parents Say about Luisa Frey’s family travel advice:
“You did such a wonderful job at assisting me, my friend and our daughters with our cruise to the Western Caribbean,” said Wendy, mother of teen daughter. (Wendy and her daughter were the subject of Budget Travel’s Trip Coach in which Luisa Frey assisted them in planning their first family Caribbean cruise.)


“I’ve been enjoying the CruiseMates.com message boards so much – thanks for contributing your expertise,” Dorothy, mother of tween son.