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1 Family travel has increased by 30% since the year 2000
1 The family travel market represents 31% of all leisure travel
1 This substantial market accounts for 36% of all leisure spending
1 Four out of 10 teens and children influence their parents regarding family travel decisions


Luisa Frey, Family Travel Expert and Development Consultant, knows both personally and professionally what makes for a memorable family vacation. Her company, Family Travel Marketing Services, LLC, is founded on the principles of strengthening and enriching family values.  She believes that family travel deepens familial relationships by bringing parents, teens, and children together for experiential learning and fun.


When this magic occurs, your brand image is associated with family values, which immediately strengthens your draw in this key market. This fosters lifelong clients and positive word-of-mouth.


With 15 years of extensive professional family travel expertise, Luisa knows what parents, teens and children want in all stages of a family vacation (from planning to actuality). She and her Teen Travel Team act as the bridge between consumers and travel & leisure destinations and products. Her understanding and influence with teens, parents, and children facilitates directing this audience to your online presence. Learn More


Since Family Travel Marketing Services, LLC also specializes in enhancing the family-friendliness of your website (click here to learn more), you will not only attract more clients to your website but also engage them more effectively and profitably.