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Family Travel Marketing Services LLC Family travel has increased by 30% since the year 2000
Family Travel Marketing Services LLC The family travel market represents 31% of all leisure travel
Family Travel Marketing Services LLC This substantial market accounts for 36% of all leisure spending
Family Travel Marketing Services LLC Four out of 10 teens and children influence their parents regarding family travel decisions

Family Travel Marketing Services LLC

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In 2008, there were 324.2 million family trips taken in the U.S. alone, yet the family travel market is still a relatively untapped segment with tremendous growth potential.

Family Travel Market Services helps destinations and travel & leisure companies grow their share of the family travel market, with a focus on teenagers.


Here´s how: Family Travel Marketing Services advises clients on what teens want when they travel. After all, for the past 15 years, we´ve been the eyes and ears of traveling parents, teens and childrens.


We trigger interest among teens and parents to consider a destination, cruise line, hotel, amusement park or other travel & leisure offering through our influence as family travel experts, including our reach in teen and parent social networking circles.


Once teens and parents take steps to explore a destination or travel company, Family Travel Marketing Services ensures they are engaged with web-based information and experiences that meet their needs and facilitate bookings.


The more teens, parents and kids connect with your travel product, the more they will consider booking their next family trip with you. Family Travel Marketing Services will build or strengthen your bridge to the growing teen and family travel market.

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